Out of bounds
The gay guide for going out at uni

We're Out of Bounds.

A guide that's here to tell you all the info you really need to know if you're an LGBT-er at uni. The day time fun clubs, the late night and never to bed clubs, the secret rebel knitting societies and the marathon sci-fi film clubs.

If you’re looking for the official, formal guide, please look away from this site and checkout Stonewall’s brilliant
Uni guide here.

But for all of you looking for the juicy details, the clubs, the sports teams, the meetups, the bars, the lectures and the orgies (just kidding, we’d never include the lectures)

Read on.....

Who Are We?

The Underground Uni guide has been brought to you by Dattch. We’re a social app for lesbian and bisexual women. We show you great women in your area, so you can check them out, pour over their profiles and make new friends, flirts and fancies.

DISCLAIMER: The underground uni guide is a work in progress. We’ve tried to get in touch with all uni’s and LGBT soc’s (with varying success) so if your uni isn’t covered, or is misrepresented, please get in touch. We want to share the good stuff so let us know anything new or any changes you’d suggest.